Monday, April 25, 2011

too big for yr britches

this is just a tiny entry to herald the fact that I'm ready to rejoin the online community.

it's been ages since I've checked email, paid bills, read anything digital, or posted.

but, I finally renounced my cocoon of my so called life and reading printed matter to pay my peco bill, and navigate to my library's website to reserve bossypants, tina fey's memoir. I didn't think about how wildly popular she is, and so I was fairly surprised to see that I was like two-hundred-and-seventy-eighth in line to get the book. luckily, I'd noticed that there was also a large-print version of the book available. I took a gander at how long that line was, and there were only 27 people ahead of me there. I signed up for the large-print version instead - natch! so, does that make me a terrible person? an illicit thief of handicapped parking spaces and for no good reason user of handicapped bathroom stalls? I definitely feel like I'm doing something wrong here, but seriously, to be like the 300th person in line for a book? I'm still waiting for the battle hymn of the tiger mother, and I've been on that list since the book came out (practically).

on the current reading list: jonathan franzen's, freedom

to quote borat, "i liiike."

next up, russel brands', my booky wook