Saturday, February 27, 2010

good morning!

nothing like a nice smile to greet one in the morning!

o&o, e


everyone seems to love these, so they can't be that bad...then why am I afraid of it? did you know that these cost over $3 per bottle?

o&o, e

Friday, February 26, 2010

dining room

comment issues

I want my commenters to know that I'm having issues posting comments in response to yours! Jenny, let's totally do lunch at that buffet. Jenn, polyvore is an awesome way to waste time!

can you believe that I only had one meeting to attend (telecon) today, and I totally forgot to dial in??? I dismissed the reminder, then spaced out until waaay too late.

I heart polyvore

obviously I have a lot of technique refining to do, but I am totally addicted to polyvore. what is polyvore you say? well, since I'm so behind all trends, you all most likely already know about it...but if you don't: the polyvore tool allows you to cut photos out of various websites and save them to your polyvore file (or you can search within polyvore for photos). once you collect some images, you can create a collage without photoshop. there are a lot of limitations to the editing functions, but it's still pretty cool. the only frustrating part is that there are a lot of websites you can't clip from. but still, there are a lot you can clip from.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

plummy prune prune

I meant to post this photo yesterday. there were three prunes in the pictured container, but I scarfed two down before thinking that a photo of my snack was in order. the prunes were merely months old, but still delicious. hey, sometimes one gets a little desperate for a healthy snack whilst working!

repeat repast

the fabulous ktiker and I went to an Indian food buffet yesterday. we were steered there by Jaime, who is replacing my very own ktiker at work. sigh. I've avoided breaking down in tears thus far, but let me say that there is no one who would make a satisfactory stand-in...there are not so many giggles happening when K8 is not in the cube adjoining mine.

the good news is that Jaime apparently knows a decent Indian buffet when she encounters one. it was delicious! (by the way, I'm not saying that I'm not looking forward to working with Jaime). it was so delicious that I went back for seconds, hit a solid wall about three bites into that second plate, and then kept going.

if only I could keep going like that when I hit a wall during a run.

the bad news (for me) was that I was so full, there was still food slooshing around in my tummy while I was on the treadmill. I wanted to reach my goal of adding one mile to my continuous run every month, but to do that I had to run two miles in a row yesterday. I know it doesn't sound like much, but to me it's a lot, especially after not being in the gym for such a long time. I made the two mile marker, but boy, was I afraid that something "bad" might happen (and I mean something besides me collapsing from being out of breath). phew!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

this is why

I nearly hacked up a lung while laughing out loud when I saw this photo on Kate's blog (fitting into the windy city...) yesterday. do you see why I say she rules?

sadly, my hair does not flow prettily while I run in place on the treadmill. it just hangs there, limply, as it does whenever it's not frizzing out like mad.

yesterday I reacclimated myself to moving through space more quickly than at a snail's pace. hey, that rhymed.

6mph or 3pmh
31 minutes
2.68 miles
3 min jog
2 min walk
7 min jog
2 min walk
6 min jog
2 min walk
3 min jog
2 min walk
3 min jog
1 min walk

I was starving when I woke up, and after I showered, I lost ALL self control. I ate a small piece of naan, 2 little cubes of lamb (roganjosh, leftover from dinner), 3 saltines, and a tablespoon of sunbutter. I'm still hungry, but now I have coffee, and I'll be ok until my morning snack.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ktiker rulez

we had lunch today at Panera, and Kate took photos of our food...perhaps she'll post them later on her radical blog!

look at me blogging!

I've been a very bad blogger. if any of my few readers are still with me here, I really owe you some good work. thanks for checking in on me!

so, what have I been up to lately? believe it or not, I have actually taken lots of food photos over the last week. what I haven't done is work out...eeps.

but, like all good non-doers, I have been actively making PLANS. plan 1) do daily yoga (difficulty rating = HARD); plan 2) eat like a yogi (difficulty rating = kind of hard); plan 3) continue running asap (difficulty rating = easy to go to the gym when I'm not hacking up a lung, but HARD to actually RUN); plan 4) do more blogging (difficulty rating = easy, but I have to actually do it, and HARD if I want it to be engaging).

but really, all joking aside, I think I've been eating in a much healthier manner lately. what that means for me is less reliance on take-out (HARD because John LOVES to buy prepared food), and paying strict attention to portion control. I had a couple of friends over last night, and they were discussing exercise versus eating. both would like to lose some weight, but love to eat (hey, who hasn't been right there with them? I'm there now!). so, what they both decided was that they would add exercise into their lives, but not alter their eating habits significantly. I would so love a plan like that to work for me, but it SO DOES NOT work for me. no, I must add exercise into my life AND significantly alter the way I eat in order to lose weight. and so I remind myself: NOT eating one bagel with cream cheese is EASIER than eating it and trying to work it off by running 5 miles. ok, I did celebrate Laura's birthday by eating one bagel (no cream cheese).

my mantra is this: if I want to teach yoga someday, I must first get all yoga-ish.

it's been a very oatmealy kind of week. on sunday, I cooked a banana into my oatmeal: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

yesterday I had a salad for lunch. yes, there were croutons on it, and yes, even a few chow mein noodles made their way into my container (I love those things), but it was still healthy! and let me say this: goat cheese + pickled beets = very tasty (OK, fine, there were a few pepperoni slices in there too, but I was just helping Kate out by taking her overflow - it's not polite to put something back into a salad bar).

yesterday, I had a purple spinach smoothie for breakfast, but I had to hurry this morning, so it was oatmeal from the cafeteria. I added some blueberries and pineapple in to liven things up a bit. holy moly, that pineapple was SOUR.

we've been having meatloaf for dinner, I've been making either spinach, or broccoli as a side.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


just look at all those red faces...I was baaaaad during the snowstorm. barely moved, played with Henry, drank too much gin (only one night!), had fun though! boy, am I going to be hurting at the gym today. what happens when one is so bad for six days in a row?

back in the saddle

brownie, ASThin, 1/2 avocado, vitamins. breakfast of champions.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow way

it's a snow day, but sadly, that doesn't absolve us adults of having to participate in our reguarly scheduled work day. boo.

I'm stealing some time away from work, from my husband, and from my son to sit alone in our green guest-bedroom and blog. there are three windows in front of me, set into a beautiful, cherry-finished, wood-paneled, bay window (OK, so I have no idea what kind of wood that really is), and it is framing a lovely picture of snow falling onto snow-laden tree branches and city roof-tops. am I sure I want to move? sigh. who knows what'll happen with that anyway, we're kind of arguing with our realtor over concessions we don't want to make to the prospective buyers re: our home inspection. selling homes suck, but real estate agents suck even more. next time I have to sell a house, I have a plan. it involves zero real estate agents. ha! take that, you sheisters (sp?).

I had a Dunkin Donuts egg white flatbread sandwich for breakfast. we tried to go to our yummy Sulimay's diner, but no one was able to make it in to open it. dd is across the street, so that's where we went. lunch was an unhealthy 5 or 6 corn chips (from a restaurant, so they were that crazy decadent kind), left over meat from my dinner burrito of last night, and a little bit of tortilla...I'm feeling full, but unhealthy : ( maybe this is why the pounds are not melting off of me and I'm not running like the wind?

I don't know what I expected of the Julie and Julia movie, but everyone seemed to love it, so I was disappointed, of course. the Julia story was cute, and I love Stanley Tucci, Meryl Streep was awesome, etc. I just didn't think the Julie side of the story was fleshed out very well. I never really cared much, or even knew much about the Julie character.

I've just started reading her original blog, however, and it's excellent. she's a really good writer, and I can see how addictive it must have been to follow her during the original project. I haven't read the book (either one), but imagine that they're quite good. I think the movie must suffer from the fact that it's never easy to get the interior dialogue of a character out there, onto the screen.

I hope that I get some kind of exercise in today...mabye a push-ups, sit-ups session, if nothing else.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the last of everything I ate today

so lunch turned into a whirlwind expedition due to the insanity of a certain person in my life who thinks that it is acceptable behavior to not read emails, to be completely disorganized, and to just be LATE to whatever...

I ate a dressingless salad, a crabcake, and two pieces of bread at Maggiano's.

this is not the salad I ate, but I wasn't bold enough to take a photo, and besides, I sort of forgot to bring my phone to lunch, so I couldn't even if I wanted to.

John surprised me with a burrito from Chipotle. I ate it in the car, as he drove me home from work. it's in a bowl because technically, it's not a burrito, just burrito filling, just the way I like it (sometimes).

I ran a whole 18 minutes in a row today. ugh, I totally suck! 18 minutes, 6mph, 1.0 incline...and I was sucking air for fear of death. I'd like this to get at least a little bit easier so I don't have to feel so crappy about myself! boo-hoo and wah wah : )

we're watching Julie and Julia. it makes me have to say that besides being a yoga teacher, I'd also love to write a book that gets turned into a movie. right? who doesn't want to do that?!
I plan to eat these sometime today (maybe now? no, I should wait).

turning over a new leaf

I'm going to try to do an entire day of posting what I eat. I have so many photos on my phone of various meals, but then I don't get around to posting about them because I'm laaazy. well, laziness and successful communication don't mix, so I'm going to try to be a little less lazy (a-hem).

we're out of bananas at home, so instead, I had some cafeteria oatmeal for breakfast. I added raspberries (but ate them before I thought about documenting them, which is a shame because they were beautiful - bright red and gigantic. sadly, they tasted like atomic sour warheads) and blueberries to the oatmeal (the blueberries are deliciously sweet). I love oatmeal. once upon a time, I used to eat oatmeal and broccoli nearly every day...well, that kind of fanaticism can't last forever, and as you may have supposed, I went through a fairly long spell of eating neither nearly every day. now I'm all about moderation. stay tuned for lunch (which may be tricky because I'm supposed to go out with my manager, my director, and a vendor). what's the protocol for that? just whip out the phone and snap away as soon as the meal comes? then blog on the spot? that would be pretty funny, actually.

Monday, February 8, 2010

sloooow on the uptake

what are these tiny pictures?

the HOT POTATO CAFE was on Kitchen Nightmares, the Gordon Ramsey show. go to hulu and watch it for a good Fishtown experience. the owners have the real f-town accent. I can hear them screaming down the street now.

I was pretty excited about the restaurant before it opened because, in my imagination, it was going to be a place that offered giant baked potatoes and an amazing toppings bar. in retrospect, I should have realized that it wasn't named, the Potato Bar Cafe, but whatever - I was eagerly awaiting the restaurant's unveiling. I walked by the dark window many times, and then one day, a printed menu was taped up! I eagerly scanned the page, looking for the potato section, but there wasn't one...just a random assortment of over-priced food...apparently the City Paper panned the place in a review titled, "Spuddy Hell." that's exactly what I was thinking, standing in front of the closed cafe, like, "what in the spuddy hell? where are the freaking potatoes on this menu????"

I never went there, but was excited to see the show, which I heard about at our favorite neighborhood diner, Sulimay's. I won't spoil anything, but I'm just going to say: 1) I'm addicted to the show, and 2) the chef is cute (the Hot Potato Chef, not Gordon Ramsey).

Friday, February 5, 2010

I made Laura laugh hard

it was a good thing I didn't catch her while she was sipping a beverage, 'cuz her nose would have been burning and there would have been spray everywhere. I have to admit, it was kind of hilarious once I said it out loud. we were discussing our plans to go to the gym, how to get it around our work and lunch schedules, etc., when I told her that I was feeling nervous about my workout. a questioning look registered on Laura's face, like she was thinking, "did I miss something? is she still talking about going to the gym?" and when I confirmed that it was getting on the treadmill that I was indeed nervous about, she laughed, and I laughed, and it was suddenly really funny.

but I was feeling yucky and low yesterday and knew there wasn't a prayer for me to finish a real workout. I used to get really nervous before track races, and that's how I felt yesterday. so, I finally dragged my *ss to the gym and walk/ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill. I wanted to go for an hour, but couldn't finish it up. I couldn't even run my now customary 15min before walking, so I alternated two minute jogs and 1 minute walks. I finished 2.6 miles in 30 minutes.

I had a good night sleep, and I'm feeling much better today. I also made sure I had a greenie (with chocolate amazing food), and lots of vitamins. I've been gobbling vitamins and drinking emergen-cs since I got a sore throat. I think I'll be fine...

I took the day off to relax, clean closets, cook something yummy (I'll take pictures and post them this time!), and look through my old issues of Domino magazine. why did I schedule time to look through old issues of a decorating magazine? because I'm crossing my fingers that someone will finish the process of buying my house (we signed the agreement of sale on Monday!!!!), so that I can finish the process of buying someone else's house (we signed the agreement today!!!!). this is what the front of the house looks like. we've been discussing the purchase of this property since August 1, 2008...I still can't believe that there's a possibility we could be in residence beginning March 12!

looking forward to some yoga today. have I ever mentioned that one of my dreams is to be a yoga instructor? I think that I'd like to teach jivamukti, or be like my yoga hero, Ruth Allen, and teach some wild hybrid class that kicks butt. I like yoga because it makes me understand my body, but being really chubby makes yoga difficult and slightly discouraging. what I've noticed most about being "bigger" is that I have to keep telling myself that moving my body around will feel natural again someday. I went blithely through most of my life without having to think about exercise and diet - and my body just did the things I asked it to do. c'est la vie!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

awww, what should I name it?

have you seen my pet fat?

I suppose it's real. maybe I should get this for John for valentine's day. that would be a hit, I'm sure! what do you think, would it motivate you? I'm not sold, but I'm totally intrigued...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

failure = failure

I have failed at tracking my calorie count. I guess that it's just not for me right now. this blog has helped me so much, in terms of being mindful of what I eat (yeah, I KNOW I still eat things like fried calamari - I'm not saying I don't, but I'm MINDFUL of it when I do : )), and whether or not I workout. adding the layer of calorie counting would probably help me reach my goal weight faster, but for whatever reason, I'm just not using the iphone application...maybe I'll try again in a few weeks.

today I ran another 1.5 miles in 15 minutes with the treadmill set to 1.0 incline. after that I ran and walked for another half hour at various inclines. I tried to put myself through a track-type workout with drills, but I was feeling kind of lazy and I stopped short of an hour...quit after 45min. I got to watch the food network during my workout, so I'm not sure why I was feeling so lame.

I am making a resolution to get better at posting my food!!!


Monday, February 1, 2010

a-ha! yoinks!

yes! I just snagged the Jodi Picoult book, my sister's keeper, from our library. I've always wanted to read it, but never wanted to buy it, and was too lazy to go to a real library for it. I knew if I'd waited long's like how I get to read really old US Weeklies the two times a year I get my hair cut. I love that stuff, but don't want to pay for it. hey, we all have the TMZ / train wreck / rubbernecking curiosity in us, right?

I've been meaning to post the link to our house listing for ages, so here it is - finally! tell me what you think.

today I ran a recent personal best of 15 minutes, at 6mph, with the treadmill at a 1.0 incline. I finished up my 20 minutes (1.9 miles) with a one-minute walk thrown in. I think my 'running' is definitely on the upswing. my modest goal is to add one mile to the run each month. anyway, I limited the treadmill to 20 minutes today so that I could do the fitnessista's back and bicep workout. this time there were a few moves that I couldn't do in full view of the two other people in the gym (even though they weren't paying attention to me). I had to do my stability ball T's and Y's and my lateral obliques in the class room. I should have done my frog crunches in there too, but I was just too lazy to walk across the gym again.

and I think my soul may have become corrupted by my job because I was shown an intuniv yoga mat today, and my first thought was, I want one of those! really? do I really want a yoga mat with the name of an adhd product on it? ...maybe NOT!

I'll leave you with this thought. have you seen all the great things that can be done with ground beef? if not, I'll lend this to you sometime.