Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm sorry sheepies

I apologize, but you have beautifully soft locks and hide that clad my feet and legs and make me all warm and cozy. I am so happy that I can wear you. my only sadness is that I don't have a full-body suit. I know that those are "bad" thoughts, maybe even "perverse," but I live in a stone house, and I need all the coziness I can get.

my vote is old and stupid

ok, I couldn't hang with the dynamic view. I didn't know where the links were. I didn't know how to post. I didn't know where the pages went. ai yi yi.

Monday, October 10, 2011

is it just too confusing, or am I just too old?

so yes, I am a blogger hold out. not having moved my site over to an application like tmblr and my own domain makes me feel like I'm still using an aol email address (no offense). but I did take blogger's suggestion to make my blog views "dynamic." I think it looks pretty cool (and I know it would be even better if I'd make some regular entries), but it's sort of confusing. for example, it took me nearly a minute to figure out what I had to do to write a new post. but that's neither here nor there for you, dear reader. what I'm wondering is, is it obvious which entry is the newest entry? do you get confused when you land on the page, or does it all just make sense to you?

I was recently out riding with a virtual stranger for work, and we totally bonded over food. andy, who was driving me around (letting me tag along with him as he worked), is Korean and he told me about what sounded to me like the most wonderful place in the world, Jeju Island. as andy described the island to me, it was evident that he thought so too, and then once he actually began to reminisce about his experience there, he got all dewy eyed and daydreamy. sigh. so Jeju island is not simply beautiful, it's also uniquely delicious. you go there, hang out on a rock and drink soju, while women dive (haenyo) without oxygen to bring up super fresh seafood snacks for you. they go down armed with only masks, nets, knives, and wet suits. it's not only a lovely time, but apparently very sustainable as well. andy said it was such an impressively awesome experience that even though he ingested a decent amount of soju, he didn't feel drunk at all.
image via zumaworld.blogspot.com

I've been having some serious escape fantasies lately. I think it's the lack of uninterrupted sleep in my life.

so have you noticed that Korea is the new Japan?  it seemed to begin with electronic appliances (tvs & etc.), then went on to cars, and now it's pop culture all over the place. for me, it's like having a new psyche in my world to adjust to. it strikes me as dark. the funny thing is that Japan has never felt foreign to me. maybe because I grew up with it, but I also see it as an inviting culture (at least its arts culture). Henry has been watching something called Eon Kid. it's Korean, dark, creepy, and terrifying. I've tried to get him to give it up, but no dice so far (thanks, John!). the protagonist is a kid, with the power of an iron fist.

I don't want to be ethnocentric, but Eon Kid freaks me out. why can't henry just watch innocent Fruits Basket?

it might be a bit girly, but John LOVES it, so...?