the life goal

to live a fulfilling life.

being a working mother has changed my life dramatically - I feel like everything has telescoped such that most days my activities consist only of three things: (1) things I must do [work, household activities, personal grooming] (2) taking care of Henry (3) sleep.

weekends are better than that, but constitute so little of the 24/7. I tend to use them to maintain my non-immediate familial relationships (what would life be without friends and family?), which means that many other of my favored pursuits remain un-persued!

I swear, I used to be an interesting person, who enjoyed exploring the world! I refuse to become that person at the dinner party who can only discuss NPR stories. I would love to keep collecting random personal experiences.

and so, please join me on my quest to get back to l-i-v-i-n'.