Thursday, May 27, 2010


I need a what I didn't eat mascot. any suggestions?

LIVE! what I didn't eat is on the air.

the first post of what I didn't eat is up! ok, it's totally not that exciting, but you know what? I'm excited anyway! what I'd like to do is also include a screen shot of my daily "run," but I haven't downloaded my sportband details yet.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I've been really remiss with the photos. okay, well, I've been pretty lame about the blogging thing, in general. but to show you that I'm getting back on track, I've got some random uploads for you. these are random because my iphone doesn't get very good reception in my building, and I couldn't send myself all of the photos I needed to in order to make this post non-random.

(1) Edward sighting

(2) delicious salad at Kate's wedding. in the spirit of ktiker, I took photos of nearly everything I ate at the wedding. the only exception was the fondue. I almost passed that up, but then thought about the fact that Kate would have been disappointed if I didn't take the opportunity to dip something in melted cheese! so I ate a piece of the middle one, which may have been fontina...(not shown!)

(3)mmm, that was some freaking awesome pineapple!

(4) this is what I'm using to log my runs. it's a nike sportsband, and even though I've only used it once, I really like it so far. I logged onto the nike+ site after I created my account, went for my morning run, and downloaded my info, and it congratulated me for my first run. I know this is so stupid, but that felt kind of good. this is what I've come to. I'll take a compliment wherever I can get one.

I know that the What I Didn't Eat site is still missing, but I'm working out how I'm going to depict my lists. I swear, it's coming soon. I'm terrible at delivering on promises I make here, but this is one that is really really really coming.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

shakin' it.

at ktiker's wedding the other day (she was SO incredibly beautiful! and even played air guitar once! amazing.), a couple on the dance floor caught my eye. the woman was a great dancer. I could picture her at a disco, cutely grooving away. her man was not quite up to her level, but was gamely hanging in there, dancing - not just lamely moving his feet - no, this was a man who was trying, and that impressed me. what I noticed about him was that his dancing style was really about his booty. he had it hanging out there, pushed up and back, and he was shaking it. it reminded me of the run I'd done that morning. I was miraculously finishing my (nearly) three mile loop without walking, and coming up one of those low-grade, long hills, I noticed that I was kind of stooped at the waist, with my chest sort of hanging over my feet, and my butt sticking way out. I jerked myself up, as best I could, then noticed a bit further up the hill that my butt was out there again. my hill run is apparently about shaking it too.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

a post for wyatt; patience = key; and BIG ups to Kate and Hoagie

part 1: a post for Wyatt
so, I can't get over how good burritos are. I LOVE them. not the authentic tacqueria type (although they are so good too, especially the ones from SF where they let you take roasted jalapenos as a free side dish - yes, busted, I've never had an authentic burrito, i.e. one from Mexico), but the kind from those sterile, american chains. what they do right, in my humble opinion, is they have giant, thin tortillas, steamers, and both black and pinto beans. qdoba used to be my favorite place, but right now I'm into chipotle. I had a burrito for dinner one night ago, the remainder for lunch yesterday, another last night (john insisted on going to a different chipotle, ha ha), and I plan to eat the remainder either for breakfast, or lunch. I get mine with no rice, a mix of bean types, sometimes chicken, a smattering of cheese, mild and corn salsa, and a small side of guac (which john hogs). did I happen to mention that I love cilantro? couldn't stand the stuff until I was 17 - and believe me, my mother tried to get me to enjoy it throughout my entire childhood-adolescence. whenever I crave a burrito, I think of how my dear friend, zab, would get so disgusted by the fact that her beau, wyatt, would eat burritos for every meal if given the option. zab would eat them, but with a certain look on her face. the first time we ever went to a chinese restaurant together, wyatt opted for the mushu pork. john pointed out that he even went for the burrito at the chinese joint.

part 2: Ktiker and Hoagie are getting married!!!! thanks to Matt Jenkins, I will know where to go, and what time to arrive. thanks, Matt! I was so tempted to get a hotel room at the wedding facility, but considering the fact that we had to ask my in-laws to babysit, I didn't think it would be respectful. hey, did anyone ever mention to you that once you have kids it's difficult to party? unless, of course, you host everything yourself, which we are prone to do, but always having to go to your place is probably really boring for our friends.

part 3: patience = key
I'm so not used to being a failure at something I decide I really want to do. but, you know what? I cannot seem to get started on this weight-loss, get-in-shape thing. that is, I'm good at getting started, getting nowhere and then not sticking to the plan and then going back to square one. I mentioned this to a nice sales person at REI the other day (in many fewer words), and he graciously suggested that I am just busier these days than I used to be. what have I come to that I'm accosting young, fit people to tell them why I'm so dumpy???? so, here's my latest plan: use a pedometer to log my workouts (for the accountability factor), be patient with my runs (I always want to make an improvement with EACH workout, and when that doesn't happen, I get discouraged. plus, since it's hard to get up so early in the morning, shorter runs have to be OK if I want to run at all), and start a new (b)log. you, my readers, will have access to this blog, it will be linked here, and it will be a serious and detailed accounting of my food intake (with estimated calories). BORING, yes (and that's why I decided to link it here. I didn't want to turn this page into a nauseating list of my daily eating habits - I'm fairly sure I don't want to chase away the two readers I've got), BUT here's the high concept part - it will also be a log of what I DIDN'T eat! I noticed yesterday that staying away from foods made me feel really good about myself (hello anorexia?), better in fact, than eating the right foods does (at least momentarily). for example, I did not eat a croissant, or a pastry, or a bagel with cream cheese. am I just making this list up, like I didn't eat a cow, a tree, or a shoe? NO! and that's the rule - I must have encountered the food that I avoided in order for it to count. that is, I must have actually turned it down, not ordered it, or otherwise have passed up a real opportunity.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

lazy days

no pics of pho, but it was yummy!

here's the Phanatic, parachuting into our suite at the game. <3 e

Friday, May 7, 2010

it's easy!

so, I've just passed through a two-week spell of NOT doing anything in the morning, except sleeping. anyway, I think I may have figured out how to avoid sleeping until 6am every day (if I want to run, I have to get out of bed by 5:15am at the latest). go to bed at 9pm! sigh, it's an entire hour after 8pm, but still...

and hey, I just remembered (like RIGHT now it's coming back to me) that even though I slammed my dad for going to bed early yesterday, I used to do the same thing sometimes after particularly brutal cross-country practices. hm.

check out this photo:

my friend, Jaime, made beet-pickeled eggs. she brought one to me, and it came in this plastic cup that sported a shower cap! I'd never had one before, but I love pickled beets, and I love hard-boiled eggs, so um...why haven't I ever had one before? it was so good I totally scarfed it down before I had the sense to set up a photo shoot.

it's going to be a pho-shizzle weekend, so look for photos. plus, I won tickets to watch the Phillies game on Sunday from our work suite. dude, we're playing the atlanta braves and I can't stand them. chop chop.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hi!!! to anyone who is still checking on this blog, "you RULE!"

what have I been doing? besides working, I'm not altogether sure. it's been a fugue-state lately, peeps!

hm, I've been running in the mornings, well, except for recently, when I haven't been able to manage waking up in the morning (before 6am, that is). I think I could manage it if I could make 8pm my bedtime. who would I turn into if I began going to bed at 8pm? I shudder to think - I mean, there's little enough going on in my life already. my father used to go to bed that early sometimes and I thought he was out of his mind. now I see where he was coming from. ahhh, sleepy good times.

I had a miniscule salad for lunch today, and while it was yummy, it didn't fill me up. so what happened after lunch? I ate a somewhat stale cupcake (it was good!). I know, I know, not eating the icing is a waste, but I don't really like icing. it's too sweet for me. and followed that up with a delicious miso broth (cold).

I've entered a new cooking arena. I've undertaken my very first pho trial. Pho is a Vietnamese broth. You can make the broth with various animal flavors, and since I'm using beef, I'm making a pho bo. I got the recipe from Steamy Kitchen. I haven't yet started reading the rest of her blog (I found the recipe by doing a Google search), but the pho entry is kind of hilarious. the author dispelled any misconceptions around the pronunciation of the word, pho (pronounced fah), then began using the phrase, "pho-shizzle." I now think not of pho, but of pho-shizzle.

stay tuned to hear about the pho!