Wednesday, September 8, 2010

everything this blog is not

you can't tell from that blurry photo, but it's one of the cutest blog banners I've seen (ever). please click here to go to an awesome website! if you haven't purchased the book, or hate broth and noodles (a-hem, Zab?), TRY AGAIN!

last night, John was working late, so Henry and I shared a bowl of instant ramen. we've been indulging in the kind that comes with fresh noodles, and a saucy (rather than oily, or powdery) soup base. when we use instant (i.e. not a planned meal), we add whatever we have on hand to jazz up the packet. last night I figured out that everything goes more smoothly for Henry if I provide him with noodles and broth in separate bowls. much less mess...I've never seen a kid who likes broth more than Henry. he actually gets excited about drinking broth.