Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I promised Zab a photo of our garden ages ago, but being me, I never took any...this weekend, I made a little bouquet. yesterday I actually took a terrible photo of it. it's blurry and dark, but look, you can see my favorite echinacea varietal - coconut lime! the one in the foreground still has its petals, the "green" balls surrounding have lost their petals, then there's one dark, dried ball in the background. there's also a little rose and some salvia in the bundle. sadly, my garden ran riot this year due to my pregnancy laziness, but since nothing beats the joy of home grown flowers, I plan to do a lot of seeding and planting this coming spring.

and there's Henry, making the most of a trip to Anthropologie. he's really better than I could ever have imagined him being. I'm sure ALL parents say that! kudos to dad for taking this pic.

that is pretty much my life these days...work, home, sleep. I'm looking for chandeliers that don't cost an arm and a leg for our main sitting room. we took the trip to Anthropologie for lighting inspiration, but there was nothing that really sparked our interest. of course, there were plenty of non-chandelier objects (um, the midas tree lamp, the grey plaid wool lampshade, and the awesome leather chair - I think I have to find a stump to hollow out, wire, and spray paint gold!)...oh right, I was writing a blog entry - I just went into shopping online at Anthropologie mode. I swear that their styling - no matter how inappropriate for my lifestyle and income - never fails to get me. as a matter of fact, I intend to get back to my pre-pre- pregnancy weight just so I can shop with abandon at their sales. so there. sorry for the sidetrack into anthrofantasyland. I have to get back to my wishlist now.

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