Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ewww gross, but still...

I didn't photograph it, but one of the 'healthy' lunch things I packed for today was a box of Pacific (that's the brand) Tuscan White Bean Soup. I was excited for lunch because a) I was hungry, b) I wanted to try the soup (love beans, love soup), and c) I love my mug (thanks to Laura for the awesome gift).

So, I poured the soup into my mug, heated it up, brought it back to my desk, and dug in!

YUMMY! Nope, it was disgusting. Seriously, it was gross. Wait, I don't think I even made it back to my desk before tasting it. I think I tasted it while standing near the microwave. I was that excited. It tasted like liquid plastic that was made to taste like food. Yes, it tasted like poorly spiced, food-like liquid plastic. Decent texture, but horrible taste. I still ate it though! Ha ha ha. I don't think that I'll eat another mug-full, however.

After I finished the soup, I went to the cafeteria with Shareef and made a small salad: approximately two TBSP cottage cheese, about same volume chickpeas, one TBSP chopped, hard-boiled egg, one TBSP peas, two TBSP goldfish, 8-10 bread & butter pickle chips (they were so good!), and three grape tomatoes. Delicious! Shareef ate a cheesesteak and fries. I was strangely un-jealous, but I did have to stop myself from reaching out and taking one of his fries. Had I done that, it probably would have led to an awkward moment. As if eating in the work cafeteria isn't awkward enough.


  1. love it. especially the part about the awkward moment in the caf hahahaha. very proud of the restraint! and love the mini salads, 2 thumbs up :)