Friday, August 20, 2010

oh, I get so sad!

I hate thinking of how far away my Zab is...reading the comment section from the last post nearly made me cry!!!! Why does Montana have to be so far away from Pennsylvania???? WHY??? sigh. I need to figure out when I'm going to find some time to get my butt out there.

but, since I'm currently food obsessed (now that Zab has very sweetly posted that list for me, I can see that I'm actually craving the same exact foods this pregnancy as last!), I'll just expound on my recent food choices, rather than go on and on about how people shouldn't live so far away from one another. PEOPLE - YOU SHOULD ALL LIVE WITHIN TWO HOURS OF ME!

for breakfast and snack (I just wolfed down another one), I had onigiri. I love these things. I can't get enough of rice right now. shortly after I graduated from college, I moved to Seattle. it was during the 1.5 or 2 years I lived there that I came to the realization that I'd get really cranky and out-of-sorts if I didn't eat rice regularly (OK, maybe an ex-boyfriend was the one who brought that to my attention). I swear that doesn't happen anymore, but maybe now when I get cranky, no one notices because I'm cranky much more often. I'm getting old and crotchety!

guess what I'm making for dinner tomorrow? no, not!

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