Sunday, September 8, 2013

Reader, are you ready?

I'm back to blogging!  Since last I posted, I've lost about 10 pounds, but I feel like only 7 of those are permanently gone.  The other 3 fluctuate and I'm still terrible at doing the things I have to do to lose weight.

Other things that have happened since I posted last:

  • Finished the 10K
  • Ran a 5-mile run
  • Cruised through the Broad St. Run (10 miles)
  • Training for a half-marathon (it's next weekend!)

What I am going to stop doing: running so much
What I am going to do more of: strength training

OK, so "running so much" is a somewhat dramatized statement. Yes, I'm notching more weekly miles than I would usually...but I'm not really doing the mileage most people in training to run a half-marathon would be.  I'm following a training program, but I've been somewhat lax with the speed workouts for the last month.  I just haven't felt much like running and I sort of think that the weekend long runs are dragging me down.  Once I'm finished with this race, I'm going to forego all organized runs and go back to running and working out in private.

The only exception will be the Broad Street Run, which I loved.

I'm going to try the Pop Pilates monthly calendars, starting with the one for Beginners (thanks, Heather!).  I'm also going to run, but in much shorter increments (3-6 miles).  I'll be posting through this  experiment.  Be back soon!

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