Tuesday, May 29, 2012

really? Really? REALLY? sigh...really

yesterday marked the beginning of the sixth week of my 10k training regimen.  I have been nearly slavishly devoted to the schedule...except I've been doing a teensy bit more than required for the long runs (I'm up to 5.4 miles in roughly one hour!).

I've been making great progress with the running, but terrible progress with weight loss.  I have not lost one single pound since the beginning of the 10k training!  I'm not exaggerating or anything. the scale has been stuck. no weight gain, no weight loss.  so now what?

well, Heather says go radical.  that means that I have to cut down on calories. ugh. it's going to be hard.  I'm at 1500 per day now, which means that the next step is 1200 per day.  smaller meals...sniffle sniffle...no beer (not that I've been too indulgent, but I did have three beers this weekend)...or if drinking no eating (HARD!).

OK, that's the plan.  we'll see how it goes.

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