Thursday, January 20, 2011

where there's a will, there's a way?

john called me this morning to tell me he's having anxiety over the cost of our renovations. he ordered some more heating oil this morning, and the fact that we're nearly through our pre-purchased lot freaked him out to the point where he began to fixate on all the ducats leaving our pockets. in light of my mirrored chest obsession, a diy project seems the way to go. luckily, I ran into this apartment therapy (of course) post. now, the question becomes: just how badly do I really want a mirrored chest for our entry-way? I suppose I have to walk the walk or shut up.

a few questions about the project spring to mind, the most obvious one being, where does one get custom glass cut and beveled? does it really cost $300 for that much glass? the second obvious question is, where does one get aluminum leaf? the third question is, gelatin? like unflavored jell-o?


I just went back to the diy post and read through the comments and found that a sage reader posted about Pier One alternatives. hello, I think I found my substitute. oh zab, remember hello lunch? anyway, this may not be as glam as the Anthropologie table, BUT you know what? it's so much cheaper, and we can see it in person and we can purchase it locally, thereby avoiding the cost of "white glove" shipping and handling. phew! I'm going to ask John if we can go look at the piece soon. I'll let you know what I find when we see it for real.

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