Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I've been really remiss with the photos. okay, well, I've been pretty lame about the blogging thing, in general. but to show you that I'm getting back on track, I've got some random uploads for you. these are random because my iphone doesn't get very good reception in my building, and I couldn't send myself all of the photos I needed to in order to make this post non-random.

(1) Edward sighting

(2) delicious salad at Kate's wedding. in the spirit of ktiker, I took photos of nearly everything I ate at the wedding. the only exception was the fondue. I almost passed that up, but then thought about the fact that Kate would have been disappointed if I didn't take the opportunity to dip something in melted cheese! so I ate a piece of the middle one, which may have been fontina...(not shown!)

(3)mmm, that was some freaking awesome pineapple!

(4) this is what I'm using to log my runs. it's a nike sportsband, and even though I've only used it once, I really like it so far. I logged onto the nike+ site after I created my account, went for my morning run, and downloaded my info, and it congratulated me for my first run. I know this is so stupid, but that felt kind of good. this is what I've come to. I'll take a compliment wherever I can get one.

I know that the What I Didn't Eat site is still missing, but I'm working out how I'm going to depict my lists. I swear, it's coming soon. I'm terrible at delivering on promises I make here, but this is one that is really really really coming.

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