Tuesday, May 8, 2012

blech, lunch sucked

I was a sucker, and I went for the cafeteria beef bourguignon.  I was thinking that I wanted something warm and yummy. instead of getting it over egg noodles, I had veggies on the side. it's a good thing my veggies were on the side because the beef substance was so gross that had it totally infected my veggies, I wouldn't have had any food to eat at all. ok, not exactly true, I did fish some beef and mushrooms out of the brown grease, but that was because I was starving, and I'd spent my lunch money on the most terrible choice ever. there you go, one big reason I'm bringing carbs back into my diet. had I not been trying to avoid them like the plague, I would have done something sensible, like gotten a barley and wild rice soup. sigh. I'd just seen the chart, below and remembered where beef was versus rice, and wa-bam, horrible lunch decision made. I couldn't tell from where I was standing that the brown stuff was mostly grease...

via thekitchn.com from massivehealth.com

so I'm in the third week of my 10K training. I love it. it gives me something to feel committed to, which has been a big boon to me in terms of motivation. I NEED motivation these days. yesterday was a cross-training day, today is a normal run day (that means running as quickly as possible and intervals - for me, as quickly as possible = 6 - 6.5 mph with a few walking breaks and incline between 1 and 2). my long run last Sunday was a happy one for me because I exceeded my goal of 30 continuous minutes. I went for 40 minutes and ran 12 minute miles, which for me is great (I followed Jeff Galloway's advice and went 2 minutes slower than regular runs - it works!). 

today I feel icky due to lunch and am really hoping the stitch in my side magically disappears by the time I get my sneakers on.  Max, I really hope I don't have your stomach bug!

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