Tuesday, February 23, 2010

look at me blogging!

I've been a very bad blogger. if any of my few readers are still with me here, I really owe you some good work. thanks for checking in on me!

so, what have I been up to lately? believe it or not, I have actually taken lots of food photos over the last week. what I haven't done is work out...eeps.

but, like all good non-doers, I have been actively making PLANS. plan 1) do daily yoga (difficulty rating = HARD); plan 2) eat like a yogi (difficulty rating = kind of hard); plan 3) continue running asap (difficulty rating = easy to go to the gym when I'm not hacking up a lung, but HARD to actually RUN); plan 4) do more blogging (difficulty rating = easy, but I have to actually do it, and HARD if I want it to be engaging).

but really, all joking aside, I think I've been eating in a much healthier manner lately. what that means for me is less reliance on take-out (HARD because John LOVES to buy prepared food), and paying strict attention to portion control. I had a couple of friends over last night, and they were discussing exercise versus eating. both would like to lose some weight, but love to eat (hey, who hasn't been right there with them? I'm there now!). so, what they both decided was that they would add exercise into their lives, but not alter their eating habits significantly. I would so love a plan like that to work for me, but it SO DOES NOT work for me. no, I must add exercise into my life AND significantly alter the way I eat in order to lose weight. and so I remind myself: NOT eating one bagel with cream cheese is EASIER than eating it and trying to work it off by running 5 miles. ok, I did celebrate Laura's birthday by eating one bagel (no cream cheese).

my mantra is this: if I want to teach yoga someday, I must first get all yoga-ish.

it's been a very oatmealy kind of week. on sunday, I cooked a banana into my oatmeal: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

yesterday I had a salad for lunch. yes, there were croutons on it, and yes, even a few chow mein noodles made their way into my container (I love those things), but it was still healthy! and let me say this: goat cheese + pickled beets = very tasty (OK, fine, there were a few pepperoni slices in there too, but I was just helping Kate out by taking her overflow - it's not polite to put something back into a salad bar).

yesterday, I had a purple spinach smoothie for breakfast, but I had to hurry this morning, so it was oatmeal from the cafeteria. I added some blueberries and pineapple in to liven things up a bit. holy moly, that pineapple was SOUR.

we've been having meatloaf for dinner, I've been making either spinach, or broccoli as a side.