Thursday, February 25, 2010

repeat repast

the fabulous ktiker and I went to an Indian food buffet yesterday. we were steered there by Jaime, who is replacing my very own ktiker at work. sigh. I've avoided breaking down in tears thus far, but let me say that there is no one who would make a satisfactory stand-in...there are not so many giggles happening when K8 is not in the cube adjoining mine.

the good news is that Jaime apparently knows a decent Indian buffet when she encounters one. it was delicious! (by the way, I'm not saying that I'm not looking forward to working with Jaime). it was so delicious that I went back for seconds, hit a solid wall about three bites into that second plate, and then kept going.

if only I could keep going like that when I hit a wall during a run.

the bad news (for me) was that I was so full, there was still food slooshing around in my tummy while I was on the treadmill. I wanted to reach my goal of adding one mile to my continuous run every month, but to do that I had to run two miles in a row yesterday. I know it doesn't sound like much, but to me it's a lot, especially after not being in the gym for such a long time. I made the two mile marker, but boy, was I afraid that something "bad" might happen (and I mean something besides me collapsing from being out of breath). phew!

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  1. let me know next time you go... i'm so close and i've never been!!!!