Sunday, January 3, 2010


I haven't touched the lose it application since new years eve, as the last few days have passed in a brigette jones type blur of food and alcohol units consumption. although I learned my lesson regarding no-holds-barred drinking of bourbon and beer the week before Thanksgiving 2009, my hard-found wisdom about lifestyle choices is a cerebral thing, and stops well short of guiding my real-life behaviors. while I wasn't hung over for days after the new year, I certainly didn't keep track of beer, bourbon, or food consumed...very's the laundry list of items consumed: pizza, lasagne, water wheel crackers, port wine cheese ball, summer sausage, adult beverages (including champagne), brownies, john&kira chocolates, etc. 

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  1. hahaha i love the brigitte jones reference...she's pretty much my hero. cigarettes: 15 alcohol units:156. oh bugger the diet for the holidays, ive pretty much come to the conclustion that no matter what you do, unless you lock yourself in a padded room, there will always be alcohol and good food lurking around constantly. i mean, i worked out more the last 3 weeks than i have in a long time and i got back and my pants done fit. ive resigned myself to the failure.

    in other news, i'm trying out the new concept of "green monster" smoothies every day. apparently they give you SO much energy. there is a website, if you googled "green monster smoothies". one of my bloggers started it. the one i'm going to try tonight is spinach, flax, banana, and soy milk. im going to have to try and ignore the color...