Friday, January 22, 2010

it's been one of those days

...full of annoying events. ugh, sometimes I just want to quit my job - I'm fantasizing about how good it would feel to walk away from the endless emails that I receive.

chocolate green super food is delicious in the greenie. it makes them into brownies. in general, I find it hard to argue against a chocolate-banana smoothie. I've had two in a row (yesterday & today, not two in one morning), and am pretty happy about it.

yesterday I did my normal treadmill routine, but today I'm going to find a way to mix it up a bit. Kate's resolution to do weights was inspiring, but I'm not sure that I'm at the point where I'll be able to make myself stick to that plan...I'll let you know what happens.

I had salad again for lunch today, and did much better than I did yesterday. I didn't put even one drop of dressing on it, so it wasn't too salty (no sweating!). I also didn't put anything fried on it! ha! I did put a tablespoon of poppy seed dressing on it, but I brought that from home (Brianna's brand).

look for two new sidebar features: (1) the lunch bag! I'm going to make it a point to bring lunch daily, and to post what I've decided on, whether or not it's good, etc. (2) exercise journal - again, workouts, how they went, recommended or not, etc.

also look for one upcoming tutorial: tofu

aren't wombats cute?

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