Thursday, January 21, 2010

regret schmegret

that's what I'm trying to tell myself, now that I've had fried calamari for the second time this week (during lunch). this calamari was from our cafeteria salad bar (it was um, OK - maybe a bit odd because there was something sweet about it, but it wasn't weird enough to keep me from eating it). my entire salad was so salty that I'm sweating right now. I have this odd condition where if I eat something really salty, or sweet, my face sweats. so, now I'm sweating. the weird thing is that I only put a tiny bit of dressing (lite ceasar) in my salad container. could they possibly salt everything in the bar?

check out this yummy blog/magazine. it's related to apartment therapy, which I'm sort of addicted to. I submitted my house to the website, thinking they might ask for more considered photos, or something, but they just posted it as can still find the entry here.

my personal training session was cancelled today, because my trainer, Jamie, is feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I'm sending good vibes out to her (dump that ruinous ex-boyfriend vibes, and your life might get better vibes, to be exact). I've ignored blogging about exercise, but not on purpose, mostly because I went through 4 days without exercising! but I got back on track yesterday with a 3 mile, 37 minute treadmill session. I followed it up with stretching and abs. ugh, it's hard to do anything after lugging my body through a treadmill workout. my legs aren't strong enough! today, I'm planning to do the same. I'd really like to get back to being able to run at least a half-hour. I'm still alternating walking and jogging (1.0 incline, walking 3-3.5mph, jogging 6mph). I get jealous of John who can just walk up to the treadmill and whip out a half-hour (>6.5mph) run, even if he hasn't done anything in a year. not fair.

ok, I suppose I should do something else now.