Thursday, January 14, 2010

fighting the urge!

Laura came by yesterday to ask me if I needed anything from the cafeteria, and I had to quash the urge to supplement the lunch I brought from home. the thing I miss the most about going to the cafeteria every day (sometimes twice a day), is checking out our 'library.' there's a bookshelf near the atm where people can drop reading materials off for others to pick up and enjoy. I love taking a look to see what's turned up.

I actually paid for this book, but since I'm on the subject of other people's cast off literature, I thought I'd share a choice photo from this awesome instruction manual.

or two - should I make this for my sweetie?

I think he could pull it off. ok, now back to business:

I microwaved an Amy's burrito for lunch yesterday. I inhaled it. yesterday's workout was a 3 mile jog/walk. this time it took 37 minutes - I tacked on a couple more minutes of running, and stepped the resting pace up to 3.3mph (yeah, a whopper of an increase!). my arse was dragging yesterday and I was tempted to flatten the incline to zero, but I made it through.

there's supposed to be a spin/tone class today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get cancelled, and that I don't end up working late.

a little potato love to peace out on. o&o, e

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