Friday, January 15, 2010


I see that Kate has jumped into the world of reading cookbooks. I say, "RIGHT ON!" Kate, if you ever feel like you've run out of satsfying material (unlikely, as there are a billion cookbooks and other food-related reads), let me know - if you promise to return it, I'll lend you one of my favorites:

here's a real-life sausage feast:

they were from Brooklyn, were delicious, and very interesting. besides a normal pork banger type of sausage, there were cheeseburger sausages and taco sausages! mmmmmmm.

sausage-bearer Chris (ok ok, stifle it).

Beth, wife of sausage-bearer and co-proprietor of artisan cheese and beer shop named, Eastern District, in Green Point, brooklyn.

o&o, e


  1. oh baby that looks good! maybe i'll look and see if i can get a used copy online...??

  2. do it! or the next time you visit, you can borrow it. it's a funny read.