Monday, January 4, 2010

back to the skinny jeans thing

this isn't the best screenshot of Danny Devito wearing skinny jeans in an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode, but it's all I could find. This is how I picture myself in skinny jeans! : )

in other news, I'm also back to eating the way 'I should be' eating. breakfast this morning was a half cup (uncooked) oatmeal. no wait, the oatmeal was cooked, but I measured the half cup portion while it was uncooked. I hope that no one is so into raw foods that they would actually eat uncooked oats by the cup (or half) cup-full.

and in still other news, I saw a post at apartment therapy about how Anderson Cooper is stressing over buying a new mattress (which he doesn't actually have to do), and has $6,000 of bedding on his current mattress, the one that his mother bought him when he was a toddler. um, I usually warmly empathize with neurotic human frailties, but pleeeeze. if you shell out $6,000 for sheets without freaking out, just hire someone to buy you a new bed when you need to (or ask your mom to do it again!).


  1. hahaha, whenever anyone mentions skinny jeans hoagie always mentions danny devito in that episode, too funny. flip flip flipadelphia.

    i was thinking to myself, RAW oats...thats NORMAL routine?? hahaha. i happen to be sitting down to a nice bowl of oatmeal right now. 3/4 cup oatmeal, water, a smear of barney butter, and some honey. delicious.

    today starts day 1 of super healthy kate. im going to try and have no alcohol during the week, workout everyday, and eat healthier. hoagie started going to the gym before work and hes going to try and go at night as well, so it will help having him do it as well.

    and 6000 for sheets?? he obviously doesnt have any cats.

  2. hahaha, I love that show, it's the best. my favorite bit (I think it's the one where the Phillies ruined their lives) is when Mac and Dennis argue about who's stronger due to which set of muscles they work out - core versus glamour muscles!

    omg, double days for Hoagie? More power to him! Relieves stress!

    what's barney butter? is it made from the milk of happy and slightly frightening dinosaurs?

    agreed, absolutely no pets near expensive sheets! or babies either, ha ha.