Friday, January 15, 2010

pant pant pant

the spin / tone class was torture. even though the spin portion was only a half-hour, it was a half-hour of cardio hell. it was very fast-paced, and there was little recovery time. lifting weights after that was nearly impossible. even though I used 5lb dumb-bells, I could barely do three of anything in a row. let's not even discuss the planks, or the push-ups. I had to split before we got to abs (dinner date on the horizon), but I was still breathing HARD on the way to the car. my breathing was barely back to normal as I was picking Henry up from school, and I certainly hadn't stopped being red in the face, or sweating.


  1. haha i can just see that. i bet you feel good about it today though!!

  2. yeah, but since I just came back from a training session, I'm doubly sore...but that's OK, I've got a lot to work off! just wait for the next photo post...xo, e.