Thursday, January 7, 2010

best mirror

I look best in the two mirrors hung inside the toddler bathroom at my son's daycare. the mirrors are hung on the wall, over the toddler sinks, which are small and placed at toddler height. the mirrors are fairly large, so I can get a full-length view, and for whatever reason, they make me look kind of slim. I know it's just an optical illusion, but still. the worst mirror for my psyche is the one I use every day while getting dressed in the morning. it's like a fun-house mirror that stretches my stomach area. I hate it.

I'm so sore. I've been sore most days this week, but today my upper arms and chest are SORE. I did a half-hour with Jamie yesterday, and it worked.

I've been to the gym every day this week. I just have to keep it up. yeah.

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