Thursday, January 28, 2010

the blech continued

no, I didn't go home and work out. instead, I went home and made dinner, hung out with John and Henry, and fell asleep with Obama on the tv.

so, crappy night of sleep, and I was CRABBY this morning! but I am going to turn it all around with a good work-out. on Kate's excellent advice, I went to Fitnessista's website, and found her "Intro to Iron Pumping" work-out plan. it's supposed to be coupled with 20 minutes of cardio (maybe higher intensity than usual cardio workouts), and there are three sessions, to be done on non-consecutive days, designed to work out 'synergistic' muscle sets.

I'm impressed by the Fitnessista's well-maintained website, but like Kate, I find it hard to relate to the raw-food fascination. there are a lot of raw foods I can't eat because I'm allergic to them. cooked, they're fine...but ingest them raw, and I stand the chance to go into some kind of air-choking shock (usually, they just make me really itchy). oh well, I suppose I'll never be crazy healthy. anyway, what I like about her website is all of the information she's got packed in. thanks, Kate!

I'm enough of a weight-lifting neophyte that I don't know what the exercise names really mean. Fitnessista has all of the items on her list linked to explanations. This is my list - I had to make drawings to help me remember.

see all those red faces on my calendar? next month is going to be a lot less angry looking.

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