Wednesday, January 6, 2010

rewards are important for both dogs and people during training

I made this calendar to provide myself with staying good rewards. the ordinary star is for the days where I felt like I did a good job of sticking to the plan of being healthy. the shiny star is for the days where I felt like I did an extra good job of leading a healthy lifestyle. the pizza medal with breadsticks is for the days where I did a good job of keeping myself from overindulging, even though I REALLY wanted to. the pint of beer badge is for when I just need it. the red guy is for bad days (as titled) - I think it'll be just as good for me to see how many bad days I have.

If you would like a calendar of your own, I will send you one to post somewhere, or you can keep it on your local computer somewhere. as the days go by, you can let me know which gifts you deserve, and I will send you your calendar updated with your gifts of the day. the best part is, you're the judge! um, and yes, I will gradually improve the graphics. AND I will let you provide suggestions for new gifts.

sigh, the next photo is an emblem of how sad it is around here now.

look at all my snacks! almonds, prunes (yes, I LOVE them), saltines, and pop chips (they are amazingly yummy - they taste like a cross between munchos and pringles, but they're "popped, not fried" 22 chips = 120 calories - but expensive!!! worth it, though)

I made another greenie today (that's what I'm calling it). I went big, and added 1 tablespoon peanut butter and 1 tablespoon cocoa to the recipe I made yesterday. It was a little too peanut buttery, and I don't think I tasted the cocoa. it was kind of like drinking yogurt, in terms of texture. I'm looking forward to adding pineapple or mango. until then, I'll stick to the regular recipe.

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