Tuesday, January 5, 2010

green stuff

I drank a green monster today! I didn't have flax seeds on hand, so I skipped that ingredient, but I did use spinach (cooked), banana, 1/2 cup whole milk (the only kind I had), 1/2 cup water, ice. I nearly put a scoop of peanut butter in there, but held back because I thought that I should see what the basic recipe tasted like. It tasted good! I'm not sure my skin has improved, or that I had more than usual energy, but it was pretty yummy. For breakfast I also had one piece of rye toast with a little butter, and some fresh raspberries.

I don't know how I feel about the name green monster for the drink. is it jealous of something? perhaps it feels threatened by drinks that include added sugar, and look delicious? monster also implies that it's going to do something to my digestive process that will make me regret having ingested it. I'm going to think of an alternative name for my drinks. uh, I just lifted the lid of the travel mug I put my drink into, and I think now I know why it's been dubbed the green monster. eww, I should have rinsed the mug out immediately.

I was in a meeting for lunch, so I ate turkey cold cuts and a few potato chips. I had to try to eat the sandwich meat without the bread and NOT look too freakish. probably didn't manage to pull it off, but oh well. it's hard to argue with a free lunch. now I can put the lunch I packed into the fridge and have it tomorrow!

I did yoga with my Shiva Rae DVD at the gym today. Jamie, the gym manager & personal trainer, did it with me. it felt kind of odd, but I'll take yoga where I can get it. I tried to do it in the evenings for a while, but I'm way too lazy to make that scenario work. I'd like to do yoga on a daily basis...

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